Google staff offered coaching and advice on sharpening up people's digital skills when their bus pulled in to Harrow.

The Google bus drove into Harrow as one of their final stops on its Digital Garage tour.

The double decker’s appearance was secured by Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas and allowed businesses and job seekers to visit and receive free advice on their digital skills to help engage employers.

Visitors were also coached about how to grow their business, career and confidence. They also delivered one-to-one courses on website building, digital advertising and social media strategies.

Mr Thomas said: “We have a number of successful small businesses in Harrow and it has become increasingly important for businesses to develop the digital skills necessary to create a stronger presence online."

Harrow was named the most small business friendly borough in 2015 for its work in promoting start-ups and business growth and Mr Thomas invited the team to support community businesses.

Mr Thomas has also arranged for Google to host a CV and cover letter workshop at the upcoming careers fair with Rooks Heath College.

The careers fair will take place on June 17 and 18 from 5pm to 8pm.