Councillors in north-west London have called for preventative measures when it comes to knife crime to stop people “dying on our streets”.

It comes following a spate of violent incidents across the region, including double stabbings in Wembley and Harrow this week.

Last month Ravi Katharkamar was murdered while opening his newsagents in Marsh Road, Pinner, while 20-year-old Florin Pitic died after being attacked at Queensbury Station.

Cllr Tom Miller, responsible for community safety at Brent Council, said: “Each death is a huge waste of a life.

“It’s a brother or sister who won’t come home, a parent who won’t be able to raise their kids, a bright future taken away.

“Each life taken leaves huge gaps, ripples of grief that spread as the family and loved ones try to pick up the pieces.”

He questioned the Prime Minister’s claim that a reduction in police numbers had not impacted on the number of knife crime incidents in the UK.

And while he welcomed extra police funding going forward, he insists that preventing crime is equally as important as enforcing against it.

“We need the resources to enable us to work more closely with teachers, social workers, parents and young people themselves to prevent the bloodshed on our streets before it happens rather than just locking people up afterwards,” he said.

He added that the council is working with the police to reduce re-offending and to keep all the borough’s residents as safe as possible.

This point was echoed by his counterpart in neighbouring Harrow, Cllr Krishna Suresh, who is responsible for crime and community cohesion.

“It is alarming too see this violence in Harrow, and it is a tragedy for every victim,” Cllr Suresh said.

“What some young people don’t realise is that carrying a knife can destroy their life as well as those of others.

“We are working with the police to give people the right guidance on the consequences of crime to help protect future generations.”