A professional actor and four-time beauty pageant winner is trying her hand at yet another competition.

Veronica Khosa from Harrow is a professional model and rising tv and film star in the US - she spoke to the Harrow Times about her motivation for getting involved in another competition.

Ms Khosa said: “I didn’t want to be a model or an actress growing up I actually wanted to be a lawyer or a politician, but I got onto a show with the BBC and from then I realised acting could be a respectable profession.

“I see actors standing up and being a voice for people and having freedom of speech whereas say I was in politics I wouldn’t have that – I would only be able to say what other people told me.

“When I decided to train as an actress, I got into a pageant in my second year of training and that’s when I really started to get into modelling.

“What I like about these pageants is that they are for a good cause but also performing is something that im good at, its in my blood and there is nothing else that i want to do.”

Previously winning several titles including Miss Commonwealth England, Ms Khosa went onto compete against 53 countries in the world finals and won the title of Miss Commonwealth Europe competition.

Ms Khosa will be competing in the upcoming Queen Pageant World Finals against 25 other women on Sunday April 7 at The Clarendon Hotel in London.

During the competition she will expected to do a dance whilst wearing a Gold dress, Interview round, a Fashion round, International Culture round and Evening Wear round.