A HAYES man will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon dressed as a mummy.

Father-of-two Pardip Minhas, 50, will be running the 2019 London Landmarks race alongside 13,000 runners in London. He will be wrapped in out-of-date medical bandages.

Last year at this event, Minhas broke the record for the fastest half marathon in a strait jacket. He will again be raising funds for Tommy’s, the baby charity.

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He said: “Though I haven’t been training in the mummy outfit yet, I am feeling in good shape.”

He is no stranger to weird and wonderful record-breaking, having previously set the half-marathon world record wearing handcuffs and attempted others including dressed as a swimmer and in flip-flops.

The race has attracted 13,000 runners and aims to raise £6m.