THIS International Women's Day, Hillingdon Labour is celebrating one of its own community leaders for her years of tireless and dedicated work to helping women in need. 

A Hillingdon councillor for 25 years, Janet Gardner has spent much of her life helping victims and survivors of domestic violence.

A survivor herself, the Botwell councillor in Hayes is often working day and night to be on hand for whoever needs her help.

The pioneer of Hillingdon Council's domestic violence forum, she tries to ensure victims are helped to regain their self esteem and return to living a normal life.

Cllr Gardner’s work reached another milestone with the opening of Hillingdon’s specialist Domestic Violence Court in 2008. 

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She is the council’s Domestic Violence Victims Advocate and is passionate that the issue cuts across party lines. 

Away from this work, she also helped start the first multi-racial playgroup in Southall in the early 70s, and now works with groups of mothers in the diverse Hayes community to try to ensure their children do not turn to crime. 

If you need help and advice on domestic violence and you would like to speak in confidence to Cllr Gardner, you can email her at or call 01895 250780.

However, if your call is of an urgent nature, then call 999.