PEOPLE on the Ealing Village estate are angry at what they see as excessive tree felling by near their homes.

Work is taking place on the northern railway embankment, east of Ealing Broadway station.

They say the work has had a devastating impact on their quality of life, with increased noise from passing trains and the destruction of an important wildlife habitat.

In a letter, they say:  “The felling of trees has taken place right up to the perimeter of the estate, which is more than 25 metres from the nearest operational railway track.

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“Our understanding is work [on] leaf-falling trees on railway embankments used to take place up to five metres from a railway track and last year was extended to a distance of 6.5m.

“At this point we are unclear whether the works were carried out by Network Rail or Transport for London.

“Therefore, were are addressing our concerns to both organisations and copying in other organisations, including the Woodland Trust and elected representatives.”

Transport for London has been asked by the Ealing Times for a comment.