CHILDREN from eight west London primary schools took part in a World War One Centenary workshop, hosted by St Benedict’s School, Ealing.

The children learned about the causes, geography and strategies of the war and how it eventually came to an end.

They found out why so many young men were keen to enlist in 1914, driven by a sense of adventure and the belief that it would “all be over by Christmas”.

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The children designed recruitment posters inspired by Lord Kitchener’s famous quote  ‘Your country needs you'.

They also devised their own strategies for the Battle of the Somme, looking at the challenges faced and mistakes made by the generals a century ago.

Finally, there was a chance to dress up as troopers, generals and field hospital nurses.

The event was attended by 50 children, from Mount Carmel, St Gregory’s, North Ealing School, Bassett House, Clifton Lodge, Orchard House, Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep, and St Benedict’s Junior School.