DOGS Trust West London in Harefield was home to Ty the crossbreed as a sponsor dog.

The scheme helps dogs that may be harder to re-home or might need extra time or care before it can happen.

Beryl Bashford lost Barney, her bull terrier, in 2013 and visited the centre to donate his things. She began volunteering there - and that was when she met Ty.

They shared the next four years bonding and she provided him with time out from his kennels.

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She was devastated when Ty’s health deteriorated. He died last year and she decided to buy a blossom tree in his memory.

Ty’s primary carer was Steven MacDougall, whooften came in on days off to take Ty out for adventures off-site.

He said: “Thanks to Beryl’s kind donation there is now a place where I and other staff can go to remember Ty. I’ll often go out to water the tree and spend some time thinking fondly of our time together and what a special boy he was.”

If you are interested in the Sponsor a Dog Scheme, visit the trust’s website.