Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board has urged the public to attend its interactive meeting with the region’s borough commander.

It is the latest to involve Simon Rose, who heads up a new unit covering Harrow, Brent and Barnet.

He plans to discuss the set-up of the new borough command unit (BCU), which replaced the old system as the Metropolitan Police tries to cope with cuts to its services.

Harrow – along with the rest of London – has experienced an increase in violent crime, and there are concerns that these changes could exacerbate the situation.

Mr Rose has previously noted that, while the shake-up is not ideal, it is manageable.

“I would like to reassure the residents of Harrow and the surrounding areas that the merger process will have very little effect on those living in these boroughs,” he said.

He noted that officers will now be parading from two sites – Wembley and Colindale – as opposed to three.

But he confirmed that Harrow Police Station will not be closing and will be used by several “specialist teams”.

Emergency response officers will now work out of Wembley – approximately a nine-minute drive from Harrow – and patrols in the borough will carry on as normal.

“Harrow has one of the best emergency response times in London and the teams will still be hitting their target of getting to an emergency call within 15 minutes,” Mr Rose added.

The meeting, at Harrow Civic Centre on November 8, will also feature detective superintendent Sean Yates from New Scotland Yard.

He runs a violent and serious crime task force, which was set up in response to increasing knife and gun crime in London.

Registration for the event begins at 6.30pm, with the meeting expected to run from 7pm to 9pm.