Offensive graffiti has “no place” in Harrow, its council has said, after Nazi symbols were spotted in a municipal park.

Paolo Arrigo, who runs a seed business in Harrow, was mushroom-picking in Stanmore Common when he came across swastikas on a sign and a trail post.

He reported the damage to both the police and the council and said he wants people to understand that such symbols of hate are unacceptable.

“The people of Harrow will not stand for this, the people of London will not stand for this and the people of the UK should not stand for it,” he said.

“It comes after ‘free Tommy Robinson’ graffiti was spotted in a Harrow park in August, which caused great offence to the decent people of this borough, who reject the far right and what they stand for.”

Mr Arrigo said he was particularly upset to see the graffiti while out with Italian friends – a country which has a sensitive relationship with fascism.

And he was shocked to find Nazi symbols in an area of London with a large Jewish population.

He explained that the multi-cultural make-up of Harrow is what, he believes, makes it such a great area, and that such actions will not divide society.

“There has been a rise in hate crimes and it is important to call it out as the far right now feel enabled and emboldened by world events,” he said.

“My family were ‘partigiani’ in Italy and, when they fled to France, they joined the Resistance – so it’s in the blood.

“There are people of nationalities from all over the EU and the rest of the world here who feel the same.”

A spokesman for Harrow Council said it would always look to act quickly when offensive graffiti is spotted, and it urged people to bring it to its attention.

“Racism has no place in Harrow,” he said. “When we receive reports of racist graffiti we prioritise them to ensure they are removed as soon as possible.

“If you see racist graffiti in your neighbourhood, please report these via our app or website.”

Mr Arrigo posted his discovery on the #Fixit Harrow Facebook group, where the symbols were widely condemned by members of the public.