A STRIKING mural of former Queen singer Freddie Mercury is featuring on the University of West London’s Paragon Building.

It is hand-painted by the Global Street Art agency and took just four days to complete.

It will remain in place throughout the month of October on the Paragon building, on the university’s Brentford campus.

It coincides with the release of the film Bohemian Rhapsody in cinemas from October 24.

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Freddie Mercury earned a diploma in Art & Graphic Design at Ealing Art College, now the London School of Film, Media and Design at UWL. He went on to use his art skills to design Queen’s heraldic arms.

Prof Peter John, Vice-Chancellor, said: ‘We are always delighted to celebrate our alumni, but especially one as popular and well-known as Freddie Mercury.

“His musical legacy and his extraordinary personality, which defied stereotypes and shattered convention, means he is one of the most beloved and iconic entertainers of our time.”