People in Brent might get the opportunity to comment on their council’s budget proposals, as it anticipates the need to find £40 million worth of savings.

Cabinet will discuss the cost-cutting measures at a meeting later this month and it has been suggested that the public should have a say on the decisions.

According to a budget report, the council must save £40 million over the next four years of this administration.

This, it claims, is due to rising costs stemming from population growth and significantly-reduced funding from central government.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: “Despite the prime minister's promise that austerity is over, the reality facing Brent is that by 2020 the money we receive directly from Government will have has been slashed by 79 per cent.

“While everyone in the council is working flat out to protect core services as much as possible, the coming years are going to be our biggest challenge yet.

“The cabinet report sets out some challenging proposals, some of which are very difficult decisions to take”

He explained that there are several options which would balance the council’s budget but, inevitably, cuts will need to be made.

The report also notes that, it this stage, council tax could rise by up to 4.99 per cent, depending on the outcome of government legislation relating to maximum increases.

If approved, Cllr Butt has urged everyone to get involved in the consultation process.

He also suggested people visit the council’s website and use the budget simulator tool, which could provide useful information when it comes to balancing the books.