Beware house sale scam

Three times recently, different people have come to my house to ask if they could either see or evaluate it as it is “on the market”.

This was news to me as it is not and will not be.

On the third occasion this week in the morning, when I was taking my dogs for a walk, two of my older grandchildren intercepted a man who had let himself into my front garden.

He was obviously taken by surprise to see them coming out of the house and when challenged said he had come to take photos of the house.

He had thought I lived alone.

They said he may not and asked who sent him and where was his identification?

He said he would go back to the car, which was parked at the end of the road.

They followed him out and watched him thinking he might just drive away.

He saw them watching and came back with a scrappy piece of paper which he flashed in front of them.

They saw it had a website on it, but couldn’t get the name. He then went back to his car and drove away.

What alarmed me as well as making me very angry was he had clearly been sitting in the car watching the house knowing I take the dogs out at this time mistakenly thinking it was empty and thought he could come into the garden undisturbed.

They gave a good description of him and the car, which I have passed on to the police.

I do not live alone and my house is rarely uninhabited, but there are other neighbours in this area who do and there have been other individuals working different scams in the neighbourhood.

I contacted the police and eventually spoke to someone who took a note of all the above, but I am taking this opportunity to let people know about this through your paper and for them to be alerted.

There are some thoroughly unscrupulous people about.

It is important we look out for and alert each other.

Name and address supplied