Brent Council approved plans for a new canalside housing development, despite opposition from a neighbouring business.

The planning committee unanimously agreed that the scheme, which will provide 31 homes at the site of Afrex House, in Beresford Avenue, Wembley, would contribute towards the borough’s housing demand.

Just five of the homes – around 16 per cent – will be deemed affordable, though all will come under affordable rent.

According to planning officer Victoria McDonagh, this “better meets the needs of Brent residents” and is a “more appropriate offer”.

The decision came despite protests from the owners of Kuntals, a wholesaler which sits next door and will be affected by the new building.

They claim that the shared parking unit – which they rely on for deliveries – will be compromised, and they also voiced concerns over potential encroachment.

But the applicant explained that it was “aware of the right of way” and assured the committee that this would be maintained.

There is also no obligation to abide by sunlight policies associated with residential properties, nor is there a need to support businesses that might need relocating.

However, one condition of approval is that the developer will contribute almost £50,000 to affordable workspaces in Brent.