Boroughs in outer London have a greater percentage of jobs paid below the London Living Wage compared to those in central London.

Figures from charity Trust for London have revealed that the number of jobs in outer London paid below the LLW are all greater than those in inner London.

The top five boroughs with the highest percentage of jobs paid below the LLW are Waltham Forest at the top with 37 per cent of jobs paid below the LLW, followed by Sutton at 24 per cent; Enfield at 33 per cent and both Bexley and Harrow at 32 per cent.

In contrast the five boroughs with the lowest number of jobs paid below the LLW were Westminster at 15 per cent; Southwark, Camden and Hackney at 12 per cent and Tower Hamlets at 11 per cent- all in central London.

London-wide Labour assembly member, Fiona Twycross said that there is “discernible disparity” between the number of businesses in inner and outer London paying the LLW that needs to be addressed.

Ms Twycross said: “One of the solutions is to build upon existing work by councils that have introduced incentives for local businesses to pay the London Living Wage.

“The Government also need to urgently devolve currently excessive business rates to the Mayor, so he can set them at a fairer and more sustainable level to mitigate some of the increasing financial pressures that have been placed upon small businesses.”

Ms Twycross said that paying the LLW goes a “long way” towards addressing the “scandal of poverty pay.”

She added: “It needs to be reiterated that all Londoners deserve the right to fair and decent pay, and it is outrageous that many are left to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month because their pay does not stretch far enough.”

London Assembly member for Enfield and Haringey also reiterated her colleagues calls to ensure Londoners are paid the LLW.

She also said that one reason boroughs in inner London having a higher percentage of jobs paid below the LLW could be due to higher number of larger employers typically located in central rather than outer London.

The research also showed that almost 18% of jobs in London pay below the LLW and that 27 per cent of Londoners are living below the poverty line.

Trust for London blames the cost of housing as an important factor in London’s poverty rate.