London black cab drivers are launching a claim to bring potential legal action against Uber for “damages” and loss of earnings.

The taxi drivers are coming together as Cabbie Group Action (CGA) to bring group legal action against Uber for alleged “unlawful operation”.

The legal action will be entirely funded by Harbour Litigation Funding and is supported by a number of organisations involved in the licensed taxi trade.

These organisations include: The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), United Cabbies Group (UCG) and London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC).

Shelley Harnett has been a licensed London taxi driver for nearly seven years and said Uber has “attacked the trade from within” and that thousands of livelihoods have been “slowly destroyed” by Uber.

CGA are bringing the claim to the High Court against Uber for loss of income and have said that between mid-2012 to at least 2017 Uber was intentionally causing loss to the licensed taxi trade.

Ms Harnett shared these views.

She said: You only have to stand on any London street to see the impact of Uber in our once great city.

“They are like a virus that has spread out of control, there is simply not enough work to share between us and make earning a living viable.”

Uber has also been criticised for not paying VAT despite a European court ruling showing them to be a Transport company and not a Technology firm which they claim made them exempt.

Now CGA says they are working with an economist and say damages paid to taxi drivers could be more than £500 million.

Ms Harnett says she hopes the results will be provide “justice” for black taxi drivers, adding: “A positive result with this action will reignite the passion that runs so deeply in every single taxi drivers veins.”

Both the CGA and Ms Harnett are urging as many black cab drivers to sign up as possible.

Ms Harnett said: “There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain. We should not let this opportunity to pass us by.

“Taxi drivers owe it to the future of the trade to get behind this action.

“They need to put any doubts and cynicism behind them, unite and support each other to make this happen.”

Uber has refused to comment on the issue as it says it is not clear what the legal basis for any legal action would be.