A woman heaped praise on Harrow Council after it helped stem a “dangerous” leak into an electrical box.

Loretta Caccaviello feared that the situation could escalate after she came across the water while walking her dog in Kingshill Drive, Kenton.

She explained that the situation was compounded by a dug-up pathway on the side of the road.

After contacting various organisations – including Affinity Water and BT – she emailed the council asking them for help.

“It just looked like a recipe for disaster – water, electricity and metal can’t be a good combination,” she explained.

“It wasn’t Niagara Falls by any stretch of the imagination, but it was constantly dripping through.”

A council officer assured Ms Caccaviello that the matter was in hand and noted that, despite the leak, the area had been deemed safe.

He added that, due to the number of parties involved, it would take time to find a solution.

Ms Caccaviello said she felt as if she was, at times, “fighting a constant losing battle” but was pleased to see the issue finally resolved.

She also paid tribute to council workers, who she believes are struggling to cope with an increased demand and fewer resources.

“I’ve lived in Harrow for 28 years and I’ve never seen it as dirty as it is now,” she said.

“The street cleaning teams work so hard – I’ve seen them out in force – but it’s seemingly never ending, there’s dirt everywhere.

“But credit where credit’s due as [the council] did get this fixed after I wrote to them. I’m going to send them all a thank you message.”