Harrow Council has promised to “continue to look for solutions”, as it tries to deal with growing queues at its recycling centre.

Several residents have complained about the situation at the tip, in Forward Drive, Wealdstone, over the past few weeks.

On occasion, cars have been backed up onto Kenmore Avenue and Palmerston Road, and the live feed, which enables Harrow residents to see the traffic at the site, has frequently shown a seemingly endless queue of vehicles.

The council acknowledged the issue, citing the recent fine weather as a contributing factor.

It said it is working to try and reduce the queues and outlined the measures it already has in place.

A spokesperson said: “It’s that time of the year – the weather is improving, which means the number of people using the site increases.

“We’ve taken a number of measures to deal with the traffic around the site. Our site is still popular, therefore unfortunately there will still be instances where queues are likely to happen.

“We are operating a loop system on weekends to allow vehicles to queue around the depot rather than out onto the road.

“We’ve also made the site for use by Harrow residents only which has seen a reduction of 20,000 visitors to the site.

“Our app also allows residents to see how busy the recycling centre is with a live video feed to help them avoid the long wait. We’ll continue to look for further solutions to reduce queues.”

Commenting on the #Fixit Harrow Network Facebook group, Lucy Quirk said she was stuck in traffic for 15 minutes on Palmerston Road due to tip traffic.

In the same post, Tazeem Moledina said she was forced to give up a visit to The Bridge as she was caught up in the queues.