Celebrity Masterchef winner Angellica Bell has congratulated her father, Councillor Julian Bell, on his council leadership re-election.

The TV and radio presenter shared her elation with the Ealing Times, marking Cllr Bell’s third term as leader of the council.

Cllr Bell won with 2940 votes, accruing one of the highest votes for an Ealing councillor in both this and the last election.

Ms Bell was unsurprised at her father’s win, saying: “There was no point where I thought my dad won't win because he works really hard in his ward.

"He just cares about everyone. He just cares about local issues, because he's from the area as well he has an understanding of what's needed.

"I know he has a lot of pressure on him - he's had so many cuts - but he still finds ways to make the borough work and function.

"I'm going to go to bed but I think what dad needs to do is rest, and he's been walking the streets.

"He's done about 36,000 steps but I think he needs to get a new pair of shoes, rest up and then get back to work - get back to business.”

Angellica Bell is a British television and radio presenter, best known for her roles on The One Show and MasterChef.