A primary school has delighted its pupils and staff by taking part in an act of forestation on its grounds. 

Students and faculty from Longfield Primary School in North Harrow, were joined by Her Worshipful Mayor, Cllr Margaret Davine on March 21 to plant the first tree that will be part of a mini-forest in the school field.

Longfield’s science teacher, Mrs Panesar organised 60 silver birch, cherry and rowan trees from the Wooland Trust to create a copse in the otherwise bare school field, and over the following week children from each class throughout the school years put on their wellies and got busy planting.

Head teacher, Pam Virdee said: “We are looking forward to watching the trees flourish and blossom over the years – just like our wonderful children.” 

Cllr Davine told the schoolchildren that planting trees was a “very positive” act as future pupils at Longfield might also get to enjoy them.

In 2015, the school suffered flooding and had to close twice. Mrs Panesar told the children that planting trees provided much needed sanctuaries for birds and other creatures in those in instances.

Cassie in Year 6 said that she felt lucky to have the chance to take part and she was looking forward to seeing the trees grow with her over the years. 

Another pupil, Srinidhi Ramadurai said: “It was really fun to grow trees in the field. I was really excited.” Aagyna Patel added, “We also got to help the environment.” 

School governor, Nomaan Omar said he was pleased to be part of the “historic” event, adding: “Attending Longfield as a child, I feel an enormous sense of pride for the school and the local area, which will benefit from these trees for years to come. “ 

The school has been part of the Harrow community since 1935. The school wanted to mark the completion of a recent development by giving back to environment.