A charity and a police station are raising money for people with life-limiting illnesses by locking people up for the day.

St Luke’s Hospice in Harrow and Pinner Police Station need a new bunch of detainees to go behind bars for their Jail and Bail day on April 20.

Participants will be “arrested” and banged up and need to raise £1000 in bail money to be let out again.

The bail fee can be raised in the run up to the event, and “prisoners” will be allowed to make mobile phone calls on the day to cover any shortfall.

Last year jailbirds managed to raise £15,000 in donations.

St Luke’s Hospice relies on around £3.5million from the public each year to provide its many services.

The charity looks after people with cancer and other serious progressive illnesses, such as motor neurone disease and heart, lung and kidney failure.

For more information visit www.stlukes-hospice.org/jail or phone 020 8382 8056.