Harrow Council has made a final plea to those who are not registered to vote in the upcoming local elections.

Those wishing to have their say have until April 17 to sign up – anyone from the UK, any EU country, or any Commonwealth country who has leave to remain in the UK is eligible.

All 63 Harrow Council seats will be contested on May 3 and the results will help shape the borough’s future.

Harrow's Returning Officer, Hugh Peart, said, “Unfortunately, it happens every election – people come to the polling station expecting to vote, but they’re not on the register. We then have no choice but to turn them away.

“We hope that our campaign this year will mean that happens much less on May 3.

“The right to vote is a precious one. If you can vote, then I urge you to get involved and have your say.

“Joining the electoral register takes five minutes online – don’t be one of those people who misses out.”

Those who are eligible to vote and have not yet joined the register can visit gov.uk/register-to-vote to sign up.