The leader of Duma Polska – Polish Pride – believes his local election candidates have a “realistic” chance of securing seats this May, despite their political inexperience.

Prince John Zylinski, a millionaire businessman who hails from Ealing, argued that people in the UK want to stand up for minorities.

His party, which he playfully refers to as his ‘Polish Army’, has fielded 50 candidates in the upcoming London Borough elections, including six in Brent.

He said: “We want to have a voice in this country and give a voice to other EU nationals who feel they have been left behind by Brexit.

“The country is in a bit of a mess. People are disenchanted with the Brexit situation and, for foreigners, some of them feel as if it means the British officially hate them.

“There are divisions [in London] and we provide an unusual, exotic alternative. My Polish Army will rescue everybody else.”

Prince Zylinski stood in the 2016 London Mayoral elections, coming a distant 11th but receiving a total of 38,000 first and second votes.

He believes that the majority of the 25,000 second votes came from non-Polish people who support diverse, multi-cultural communities.

It is this concept, combined with votes from strong Polish communities in west London, that he hopes will see his party take some seats in the elections.

He confessed that it might be difficult to make inroads in Brent, but he has confidence in his candidates and maintains that people across the country are unhappy with the current state of politics.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of the people we’ve put forward; they are all passionate,” he said.

“We’ve kept our head down and lived in our ghettos but now it’s time to come out of the ghettos, step out of the closet and show people we are an organised, new life-force that can bring about real change.”

He argued that the fact Duma Polska has put forward more candidates in Brent than UKIP shows that the latter is a “fading force” in politics.

He also attacked Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and questioned whether the party, in its current state, could ever be successful.

Brent Labour said this would not be in an issue in its borough.

Group leader Cllr Muhammed Butt said: “Labour’s record in Brent is strong. We can be proud of what we’ve achieved these past eight years in spite of massive government austerity.

“We’re working hard to retain the support of our residents, not just at the ballot box but also in everything we’ll look to do in the years ahead.”

Polish Pride has predominately targeted seats in Ealing – “the Polish capital of England” – but its aristocratic leader said he will be satisfied with any outcome.

He said: “Even if we don’t win a seat, we will still have a victory. We’ve arrived, and we’re serious.

“There will be future elections and the major parties need to start listening to us and not patronise us.”