A 95-YEAR-OLD pensioner shocked care home staff in Hillingdon when she revealed her greatest wish is to meet international football sensation and heartthrob David Beckham.

To improve their residents’ quality of life, Drayton Village Care Centre set up a Wish Tree initiative for residents to leave suggestions for staff to improve the home.

But Joan Beard’s request to meet the multimillionaire sports star left staff in shock.

Drayton Village Care Centre care manager Matthew Bowden said: “We were all a little surprised when we read the message on one of our Wish Trees.

“It is certainly one of the odder requests that we have had and probably one of the tougher ones as well.

“We would love it if Joan did get to meet David Beckham, but it would be fair to say that he is in fairly high demand.

“The idea behind the Wish Tree initiative is to try and explore what we can do to make our residents feel more at home and give them access to the things that they require.”

If you think you might be able to help Joan with her goal of meeting David Beckham, please call 01895 257 010 or email Kendra@goldcarehomes.com