Campaigners have demanded transparency about the number of commercial flights using a military airfield.

Recent figures revealed by Parliament have shown that 18 per cent of the flights that travelled through RAF Northolt Airport, in Ruislip, during 2017 were military.

Almost 70 per cent of flights fell into commercial hands.

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West fears the data shows the airfield’s shift to being a business airport for North West London.

He is also concerned that while the Ministry of Defence has planned for up to £45 million of renovations and runway improvements, no consultation has taken place for residents in Northolt, South Ruislip or Harrow.

He said: “I will continue to demand transparency on the government’s future plans on RAF Northolt for the sake of residents in Northolt, Harrow and Ruislip.”

RAF Northolt, London’s fourth-largest airport for business aviation traffic will be closed from March for runway renovation – although the RAF confirmed there is no connection with these works with the plans for Heathrow.

The airfield will remains a core RAF site and will return to full flying operations when works are complete.

Mr Thomas secured a debate on in Parliament in September and told the Ministry of Defence that the airport’s “important military function is dwindling” and that it is now largely “a commercial airport in all but name”.

He says residents are growing “fearful” they might not ever be consulted and the airport will continue on a slow transformation into a London City Airport competitor.

However, an RAF spokesperson responded that there are no plans to revisit the decision taken by Ministers in 2013 to set the cap in civil movements at 12,000 and so there has been no change to their position.

They said: “Civilian flights at RAF Northolt will continue to utilise spare capacity to ensure we get the best return for the taxpayer. There are no plans to increase this cap.

“The closure of the airfield for renovation is for Military requirements and has no association with further commercialisation.

“Following reopening, the cap in movements will remain the same, likewise scheduled airlines are not permitted at RAF Northolt.”