THESE two kittens were among four found abandoned in a boarded-up Ealing crack house on Tuesday when police forced their way in.

Officers from the newly-formed Ealing Anti-Social Behaviour  Team were on patrol in Melrose Court on the Green Man estate in West Ealing when they saw a man loitering near a home  that had been boarded up before re-generation.

The man said he was trying to visit friends in the property.

The officers liaised with Ealing Council and agreed to force entry to ensure no-one was inside. They found evidence of Class A drug use but no-one was inside.

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However, as they continued their search, they found the kittens abandoned in the corner.

They were gathered up and taken to a vet in Northfield Avenue, from where the RSPCA agreed to collect them and rehouse them.

A spokesman said:”‘We are a new team created to tackle ASB across the borough. We were in the area to tackle drug use and were really surprised to find the kittens.

“I am so glad we were able to rescue them and hopefully they will find a loving home to go to.”