Technology. It’s everywhere. From smartphones to the new generation of home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, it seems we’re addicted to our digital helpers like never before.

But soon a new generation of domestic robots will start an even bigger revolution. And, what’s more, experts think that not only will we turn to them for practical help, we’ll also share our biggest problems and secrets with them too!

Incredible new research in Canada and Japan shows that humans are more likely to tell a robot their most secret thoughts and feelings than they are a human.

The reason, scientists think, is that people believe robots are more ethical, and won't judge them in the ways humans will. And, because robots can access huge amounts of information and analysis, the research shows that people trust the answers more too.

Now Channel 4 is launching a new robot show to see how those tricky questions that are difficult to work out person to person might be more effectively resolved by interacting with a robot.

The robot is called Jess, and she’s here to help, whatever your problem or issue might be.

So if you think that there’s something wrong with your love life, family or finances and are interested in a very new way or trying to resolve it, then the producers - Double Act TV, and Jess (the robot) would love to hear from you.

Give Kieran, their casting producer a call on 020 7733 0261 or email