A noisy neighbour was fined £650 after making his neighbours’ lives a “living hell” by playing constant loud R&B music for more than a year.

Michael McCatty, of Twickenham Gardens, Harrow Weald, was found guilty and fined at Willesden Magistrates Court, after previously being given three warnings for breaching his noise abatement notice.

Environmental Officers at Harrow Council received dozens of complaints over a 16 month period.

Despite being issued a noise abatement notice and being warned several times, McCatty insisted he was the “victim” and was not disturbing anyone.

The court heard that McCatty expected his neighbours to knock on the door and ask for the music to be turned down - even at 1am.

On one occasion, when environmental health officers visited his home to warn him, McCatty couldn’t hear them shouting through the letterbox or banging on windows over the noise caused by his music.

He stated that his hearing loss made it more difficult to determine what level to play his music.

He also disagreed that he was causing a nuisance and said he would continue to play music at that level.

Cllr Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment called his behaviour “disgraceful”.

He said: “This is incredible – McCatty thought he was the victim when instead it was his neighbours who had to endure his disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour for over a year.

“I don’t have a problem with people enjoying their music, but when it causes an ongoing nuisance for neighbours it become our problem.

“And when this happens, we won’t hesitate to take tough action – like we did with McCatty.”