Hundreds of people have backed a campaign calling for one of the remaining police stations in the borough to remain open amid fears of increased knife crime following a spate of stabbings.

Caren Duhig, of High Road, Harrow Weald, has started a petition – which has been supported by MP for Harrow West Gareth Thomas - to prevent the potential closure of South Harrow Police Station, in Northolt Road, Harrow.

As the founder of the #Fixit Harrow Network, which sees members trying to encourage improvements in environmental and social issues within the borough, she is now calling on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to ensure the station does not have the same fate at the Wealdstone Police Station, which closed in 2014.

The 33-year-old believes the closure of the police station will have a “negative and destabilising effect” on the community and wanted to start a campaign after four men were stabbed outside Harrow on the Hill rail station on Saturday night.

She says she is particularly concerned for her nine-year-old daughter walking around the streets of Harrow, which has lost 165 uniformed police since 2010.

Ms Duhig said: “We need police protection and I don’t think there are enough uniformed officers on the streets. We need to be protected as a borough.

“My daughter is growing up in Harrow but it is deteriorating and becoming an unsafe place, which is a shame.

“The borough needs to be cared for and should not become a place that is infamous for stabbings.”

Mr Thomas was also concerned that knife crime levels will increase if there are not enough police officers patrolling the streets.

He said: “These latest horrific incidents are part of a worrying increase in knife crime in Harrow. We’ve lost 165 uniformed police in our borough since 2010 and have already lost the police station in Wealdstone.

“As well as fears over rising knife crime, and concerns about antisocial behaviour and burglary, senior former police officers were warning just this weekend that cuts to community police officers are reducing our ability to identify potential terrorists.

“Enough is enough. We cannot afford to lose any more police officers from our streets or see our police station in South Harrow close. I hope Harrow’s other MPs will join me in support of this campaign and work in Parliament to ensure that our police are given the resources we need.”

The Mayor of London has been contacted for comment.

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