A neighbour is concerned that plans to build 10 storey flats in a park will be “detrimental” to wildlife and disturb the people who live nearby.

Harrow Council plans to deliver a “new community” comprised of updated leisure facilities in Byron Park, Wealdstone, as well as an estimated 200 homes, which will be designed by architects Karakusevic Carson.

The Byron Quarter development plan includes building 10 and eight-storey blocks of flats in Byron Park, as well as an increasing the sports hall with two squash courts and a climbing wall.

However, Peter Tomsett, who lives in Belmont Road, behind the park, is worried the flats overlooking the south side of the park will change the look and nature of the area “drastically”.

He is also concerned about Byron Hall moving nearer to the houses in Belmont and Stuart Roads, as it may cause “noise nuisance” for neighbours.

Mr Tomsett added that bulldozing the area of trees and pathways in the corner to make way for an enclosed bowling green will be “detrimental” for bird-life, squirrels and foxes.

He said: “I went to a consultation event for the Byron Quarter development plan and came away very concerned.

“I got the distinct impression that the council only wanted people to focus on the shiny new leisure centre in the plan, so that they could slip through the far less palatable aspects unopposed.

“I urge people to have a closer look for themselves as to what the plans really involve, as there is a serious danger that this plan will slip under the radar and we will be left with a major development that we will regret for a long time if it goes through in its current form.”

Cllr Keith Ferry, cabinet member for business, planning and regeneration at Harrow Council said: “We treasure Harrow's parks and greens paces and a beautiful and enhanced Byron Rec is at the heart of our Byron quarter plans.

"We're talking to thousands of neighbours, users and sports people about what they want and need and for their views and ideas as we design a vibrant new community around truly 21st century public leisure facilities.”

The consultation will close on July 31. To find out more or to respond, visit: consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/ByronQuarterConsultation/consultationHome