A woman was so fed up of hearing that parents had to continually nag their children to practice their instruments that she decided to extend her holistic and progressive approach by launching a new music academy.

Visitors to the launch of the Northwood Music Academy on July 9, founded by Watford resident, musician and teacher Miffy Hirsch, were able to hear instruments demonstrated by expert teachers, try a few out for themselves, listen to ensembles performing all styles of music, join with a choir session and find out why mindfulness and music are the “perfect match”.

Miffy is a professional violinist and highly experienced teacher. She has been teaching both children and adults for over 20 years. She says: “I’m passionate about music, and am continuously fascinated by the myriad ways of encouraging maximum learning.

“By incorporating holistic aspects, including mindfulness, my pupils take real ownership of their progress and the need to nag evaporates. This encourages their love of music which in turn diverts unnecessary stress, replacing it instead with genuine interest and excitement. With this approach, students of any age can really grow and develop beyond the expected norm.”

Miffy will be joined by a team of excellent musicians and teachers who will provide both adults and children one to one instrumental lessons along with a range of group classes including choirs, jazz and rock bands, string, brass and woodwind ensembles, instruction in improvisation, theory, aural and composition.

She adds: “I’ve observed children becoming too self-conscious about exam results, with the result that they no longer enjoy their practicing or feel motivated to continue. By emphasizing process over product, my focus is to help the student place distractions and worrying in the background so they can play and create with present-centred awareness – the result is a well-rounded, calmly confident performer who actually enjoys the day to day process of playing an instrument.”

Northwood Music Academy,18 - 24 Oaklands Gate, Northwood, HA6 3AA. Details: 07980 619 256, miffynmac@gmail.com