A canine carer at Dogs Trust Harefield is celebrating a decade of dogged devotion to homeless hounds.

In his time at the home Ryan Evans has seen thousands of dogs head off to the forever homes with their special someone and has even adopted a few of his own along the way.

After leaving school Ryan started volunteering at Dogs Trust Harefield, initially on a temporary basis, but he jumped at the opportunity to become a full-time member of the team when a vacancy came up.

He started the very next day and hasn’t had time to ‘paws’ ever since.

During his time Ryan has seen first-hand how funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery has been able to improve the dog’s time, not least with the addition of new outdoor agility equipment.

In his time at the Uxbridge rehoming centre Ryan has worked with dogs of all shapes and sizes and has helped them find new homes.

But his passion has been working with some of the dogs that require more help and support with their training and behaviour needs.

He’s currently working with two standout characters called Oswald and Gladys.

Ryan said: “From a young child I have always wanted a career in animals and couldn’t see myself doing anything else and now I’ve been lucky enough to do it for ten years.

“I work with the dogs that need a little extra help and there is nothing better than seeing the transformation from a previously shy dog to one that is more confident and happy.

“I’m currently working with Oswald and Gladys, two amazing dogs who are overcoming a few issues.

“Four-year-old Oswald and eight-year-old Gladys have had rough starts to their lives and there are only a few people in their inner circle at Dogs Trust, and I am lucky enough to be one of those.

“To see your hard work helping the dogs that are so misunderstood is what drives me to continue doing what I do.”

Ryan currently owns two dogs, Ruben, a Pug Cross and Sid, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bulldog Cross with three legs and says he would have all the dogs at the rehoming centre if he could.

If you would like to join Ryan and the other 30+ full time staff or discuss volunteering opportunities please check our website for all the up-to-date vacancies.

Oswald and Gladys are looking for very unique homes but if you would like to talk to anyone at the rehoming centre about them and discussing if you could be their special someone please contact the team at Dogs Trust Harefield on 0300 303 0292. www.dogstrust.org.uk