A new scam has been uncovered as trying to access PayPal accounts.

The email scam, with images released by charity Action Fraud, tells users that "unusual activity" has taken place on their account, and asks them to log in.

Logging in, however, gives scammers the chance to access PayPal accounts, including addresses and credit card details.

The emails appear professional with the PayPal logo and takes you through to a login page, which also has the air of authenticity.

But Action Fraud warned that this login page is also a fake.

PayPal have since warnings to those who may receive the emails, to look out for spelling mistakes and non-personal emails, as these are a sign of fakes.

A spokesperson at: At PayPal we go to great lengths to protect our customers in the UK, but there are still a few, simple precautions we should all take to avoids scams.

"All communications to account holders regarding an account limitation would be sent to the secure message centre within their PayPal account.

"Should the account holder wish to verify the status of their PayPal account they should log into their account."

The company also said to beward of email of texts asking for a direct response with personal information or a sense of urgency​.

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