Holiday-makers will have a much easier time as mobile roaming charges are to be abolished this week.

From June 15, UK mobile phone users can use their regular allowance of calls, texts and data for no extra cost from anywhere in the EU.

The "Roam Like Home" legislation will prevent consumers receiving big bills while on their travels in EU countries, though watchdog Which? has warned that differences between providers mean unexpected costs could still occur.

Alex Neill, Which? managing director of home products and services, said: "Many will reap the benefits of these changes and will no longer be put off from making calls abroad.

"However, it is important that you take a close look at what is or isn't included in your current mobile deal.

"Not knowing what's included could lead to some surprising charges on your next bill."

According to research by website uSwitch, more than nine million UK mobile users were caught out by "bill-shock" after using their phones abroad.

There is uncertainty as to whether or not the legsilation will carry through following Brexit.

Ernest Doku, mobiles spokesman at, said any attempt to re-introduce the charges post-Brexit would "a bitter pill for consumers to swallow".

He said: "For those providers looking to step up and stand out, they'd do well to look at how free EU roaming could be maintained.

"Teamed with a strategic push into non-EU destinations and a concerted effort to make roaming more affordable regardless of destination, this would serve as a seriously competitive move in an industry where differentiation is key."