It is business as usual for Labour MP Steve Pound after he was re-elected in Ealing North with an increased majority.

Gaining 7,890 more votes than he did at the last election, he said his constituents remained his main priority.

He received 34,635 votes in an arguably safe Labour seat, beating Tory rival Isobel Grant by 19,693 votes – more than her share of the votes.

Mr Pound, who has been their MP since 1997, said: “It is business as usual.

“I have to go back to a lot of my constituents and talk to them about why they voted the way they did and what I can do to serve and be of service to them.

“That’s my job - they pay my wages, I work for them.”

Housing, the NHS and the engagement of young people were some of Mr Pound’s key priorities as he fought for re-election in Ealing North.

He said fighting austerity and Brexit remained other priorities for the Labour party as a whole.

“There is a huge job of work to be done and the Labour Party has got to do that,” he said.

“Now is the time when we need to get our boots on and get out there and do it.

“A lot of people are going to spend a lot of time naval gazing over the next few weeks.

“This isn’t the time for naval gazing. This is a time to get a grip on Brexit, to actually get a grip on defeating the austerity and nonsense and the voodoo economics of austerity.”

Mr Pound said he would like to see hope restored in the country following this general election.

“We’ve had enough,” he said. “We’ve had seven years of misery, let’s have a little bit of hope.

“The sun is going to come up in a couple of hours and I would like to see that sun come across the whole of the United Kingdom.”

Conservative Isobel Grant received 14,942 votes, Liberal Democrat Humaira Sanders got 1,275, UKIP's Peter McIlvenna 921 and the Green Party's Meena Hans 743.