Jeremy Corbyn addressed Labour supporters in Southall yesterday evening, bolstered by the news that Labour had gained eight points in a poll by Ipsos MORI.

The relentless rain didn’t put a dampener on spirits and the mood of the crowd congregated on Manor House Grounds was one of unrestrained enthusiasm, there were intermittent chants of 'Corbyn' and 'Jeremy', flags being waved, one man was even banging a ginormous drum.

The audience erupted into cheers when Corbyn took to the stage to be introduced by Virendra Sharma, the current Labour MP for Ealing Southall who is defending a majority of 18,760 on June 8. 

Corbyn repeated the slogan from Labour’s manifesto and said: “We want to be a government that works for the many and not the few.”

He spoke of the differences in life expectancy across different boroughs of London, which he blamed on poor and overcrowded housing, stress, and NHS budget cuts.

Corbyn also took the opportunity to shoot back at critics who accused him this week of taking Britain back to the 1970s.

He said: “The Tory party tell us that they’re the part of the 21st Century, but you know they’ve got one really brilliant, great, big, wonderful, really cutting-edge, high technology, 21st Century idea, do you know what it is?

“It’s to bring back foxhunting.”

Corbyn then spoke about Labour’s plans for economic development, pledging investment into infrastructure, sustainable energy and industries. 

He said: “At the moment Britain invests less than any other country and achieves less as a result.

“We will set up a National Investment Bank that will be funded sufficiently for every region of Britain.

“Every region will get a fair allocation of capital investment so that we have a stronger economy at the end of it.”