Members of a charity helping disadvantaged young people find work were visited by the Secretary of State.

Conservative candidate for Harrow West Hannah David welcomed the Rt Hon Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, on Tuesday, May 16.

They visited St Peter’s church, in Sumner Road, Harrow, to learn more about the Spear training programme, which helps disadvantaged young people in Harrow find work.

They met vicar Rod Green, Jason Gardner, the associate pastor and Christina Bird, Spear Harrow centre manager, who talked them through their work and ambitions for the church and the community centre.

Hannah said: “It was a great to be able to show Sajid Javid the amazing work the teams at St Peter’s do every day.

“The church is bringing people of every generation together and has become a rock in the local society here in Harrow.

They do amazing work with Spear, where unemployed teenagers and young adults receive skills and confident to kickstart their careers.

Sajid and I got the opportunity to answer the young adult’s questions on both politics as well as on tips to get ahead.

The work Rod, Mohan, Jason and the rest of the people do at St Peter’s Church is remarkable. It plays such an important role for the local society.”