A passer-by was “disgusted” to discover bags filled with poo hanging from a tree.

Isabelle Plasschaert took a snap of the “unsanitary” waste in a field in Abercorn Road, Stanmore, this morning (Wednesday, May 17).

She tweeted: “I am stunned and disgusted.”

Ealing Times:

Simon Baxter, divisional director for the environment and culture at Harrow Council, made it clear that dumping human or animal poo is illegal.

He said: “I can’t imagine what sort of horrible person would think this is funny or acceptable. “Every other dog owner takes their pet’s waste away with them – this is just one lazy person who’s decided to ruin their own area.

“This behaviour is not just disgusting and unsanitary – it is against the law and if we catch them, they will pay dearly.”