Hundreds of police officers in Harrow will now patrol the streets wearing body-worn cameras in a bid to bring “speedier justice” to victims.

Cameras will be attached to more than 270 officers’ uniforms, although they will not permanently record.

Members of the public will also be told as soon as practical that they are being recorded and a flashing red circle in the centre of the camera and a beeping noise will sound to show its activated.

Police say the footage from the camera is automatically uploaded to secure servers once the device has been docked and flagged for use as evidence at court or other proceedings.

Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens believes offenders will be more likely to plead guilty if they know they have been recorded and this may “potentially speeding up the criminal justice process”.

He said: “I very much welcome the arrival of Body Worn Video. This will help demonstrate to the courts some of the appalling situations my officers face.

"Offenders should be aware that we will now film their actions and show footage to the courts.

"This will be another major tool in keeping harrow the safest borough in London.”

Inspector Steven Wilson, Harrow Body Worn Camera lead, hopes the cameras will make the streets in the borough “safer”.

He said: "Body Worn Video will be an invaluable tool for front line officers and will make Harrow safer. The footage it captures at a scene will provide a compelling addition to the evidence we are able to present at court.

"Its use is proven in increasing conviction rates, reducing confrontation and complaints against police officers and informing sentencing decisions at court.

"The communities in Harrow should have increased confidence in our enhanced ability to support victims of crime and directly record criminal behaviour and its consequences.”

Over the next few months cameras will be issued to officers in all 32 boroughs on London, as well as a number of frontline specialist roles, including firearms officers.