Neighbours are “devastated” that 10 sycamore trees are being chopped down near a rail station.

Headstone North councillor Georgia Weston, who lives opposite Headstone Lane Station, says she was “heartbroken” to see the trees being felled by Network Rail on Tuesday, April 11.

She is concerned the “beautiful” look of the area will be affected, particularly in the summer months when the trees are usually in full bloom.

Cllr Weston said: “I am devastated to see every single tree by Headstone Lane rail station is being cut down.

“The whole corner is dominated by a line of 10 beautiful sycamore trees and makes the area look absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer.

“For some reason they are cutting them all down and it will completely devastate the look of this area.

“I fear there will be no trees left after this.”

However, Network Rail said the area was becoming “overgrown” due to the trees, which could have been hazardous if leaves were blown on to the train tracks.

A spokesman for Network Rail, who was not named, added the maintenance work on the trees will continue along a five mile stretch until the end of August 2017.

They said: “Managing vegetation near Headstone Lane station helps make the railway safer and reliable.

“Overgrown trees and plants can block signals, get blown onto the tracks, and stop staff from having safe places to wait as trains pass.

“Managing it also stops a build-up of leaves on the track which can affect trains’ accelerating and braking, making the railway more reliable.

“A wildlife assessment took place before work started and checks are regularly carried out. Local residents have been written to and the work will continue along a five mile stretch to be completed by the end of August 2017.”