College students are being given the opportunity to work on a digital project to help tackle homelessness.

More than 45 technology students at Harrow College’s Digital and Creative Career College, in Lowlands Road, Harrow have teamed up with The Roberts Centre, a charity which provides support for homeless children and their families, as well as Amazon Web Services.

They will develop digital applications to support the launch of three new books produced by The Roberts Centre.

The books, aimed at children between the ages of four and eight, will help to explain homelessness, debt and family break ups in a way that children can understand and relate to these issues.

Julia Von Klonowski, the digital lead for the Career Colleges Trust, said: “Not only will our students get a chance to use the digital skills they have been acquiring during their courses, but they’re getting firsthand experience of how a multinational company works.

“They are also getting insight to the huge number of career opportunities available within the growing digital sector.”