A primary school which closed down after a "partially collapsed" chalk mine was discovered underneath has been burgled.

Harrow police were called to Pinner Wood School, in Latimer Gardens, Pinner, yesterday, but refused to provide any more information. 

The school was shut down on Thursday, March 23, by Harrow Council after “shocked” staff and children were deemed to be at risk.

Geotechnical surveys undertaken by Peter Brett Associates and partner Clive Edmonds showed the ground beneath the school buildings and playgrounds could become unstable and unsafe, due to the condition of very recently discovered chalk mine tunnels below.

Laser imaging of these previously “uncharted and unknown” tunnels revealed that they stretch beneath the school buildings and the mine roofs have collapsed in certain places.

Pupils will now not return to the school and classes will relocate to other educational places in Harrow in time for the start of the Summer Term.