An Eastcote school is celebrating its annual Arts Week project.

Staff and students at Coteford Infant School are using this year's project to focus on creating, sculpting, designing, sketching, moulding and painting art connected to Hillingdon.

“We want children to really be proud of their local area,” said Mrs Karia, Arts Co-ordinator and Nursery Teacher.

Through aspects such as transport, Heathrow, Eastcote House Gardens, The Grand Union Canal, Ruislip Woods and Ruislip Lido, each class are learning about key aspects of the borough in conjunction with developing artistic skills.

“We are looking at Ruislip lido and we have made 3D fish from clay. We are going to lido on Friday to take photographs,” said student Blake, 7.

Parents are also invited into the school to help.

“It’s really great to have the opportunity to spend time in class with the children,” said parent Ms Lewis in Fox class.

The Mayor of Hillingdon paid a visit to the school on Tuesday.

He said: “It was a pleasure to visit Coteford Infant School and share with them the enthusiasm that the young people had in producing models that reflect the different aspects of living in the London Borough of Hillingdon.”

The art work created this week, including an installation of 3D light models created by each class will be on display during an exhibition evening on Thursday 30th March, from 6 to 8pm.