Leading mobility product expert CareCo is trying to up the qualiy of its products by taking on a professional occupational therapist to help test its products.

CareCo sell their specialised mobility products across the West London region through their extensive showroom in Hayes, and from now on their new products will be tested and checked by a fully qualified and experienced occupational therapist.

William Harrison, managing director of CareCo, says that having the additional expertise of a professional and experienced occupational therapist will add that final check in a vulnerable market.

“New products and ideas are coming in from all over the world, and while we strive to find the very best medically approved products that are affordable for everyone, having our products personally checked by an in-house expert gives us additional reassurance,” he said.

Natasha Bruce-Jones, BSc Hons OT, says she is delighted to be working with CareCo. 

Natasha is a professional occupational therapist with nationwide Plexus Healthcare and has daily contact with people who can benefit from specialised equipment and products.

“I work closely with professionals and the public to help them understand all the different ways to stay independent when disabilities affect them,” she said.

“Sometimes a new product needs to be explained properly so that it is used correctly - other products simply need full testing to ensure they do exactly the job they are meant to.

“But the good news is that there are some amazing new products now available that can help so many aspects of disability and activity.

“Seeing the difference they can make to people’s lives makes this job just so worthwhile,” she said.

Natasha will also help train local staff and advise on mobility and the best use of equipment.