Regulars are concerned a 200-year-old pub may lose its “unique” charm by having its name changed.

The Case is Altered, in High Road, on the borders of Eastcote and Pinner, is being renovated by current owners City Inns Limited.

The Grade II listed building, which has been around since the 1600s but has been a pub for nearly 200 years, will reopen in April with a larger seating and serving area.

The name of the pub is also set to be changed and although nothing has yet been confirmed, drinkers believe it may be altered to “The Cricketers” or “The Barn Owl”.

Greg Tanner, a regular who lives in Pinner, says the change will “alienate” customers who travel from all over the world to drink at the pub.

He set up a petition at the beginning of the month, which already has more than 1,000 signatures.

Mr Tanner said: “The change of name seems to offer nothing beneficial. It’s not a unique name, but it is one that stands out and has a great deal of history, heritage and familiarity attached to it.

“I have yet to find anyone in the local area who doesn’t feel upset that the change is being planned and have personally met people in countries as far away as New Zealand and the USA who know the name.

“While it is inevitable that change will happen to a pub in this day and age, we do hope that City Inns will make their renovations in keeping with their aim of what we have loved in the past in terms of character and ambiance, rather than alienating their local customers.”

City Inns got in touch with Mr Tanner regarding his concerns and said that the character and heritage of the pub will not be lost.

A spokesperson said: “We understand the apprehension about any changes being made and acknowledge the role The Case is Altered has played in the community over the years.

“We did choose to change the name to start fresh. So many people have come in over the years and kept the name but changed the experience. We want to maintain the positive experience but simply add to it.

“This does not mean anything that you have loved in the past will be gone. We will still be a pub at heart and I can promise changing the name does not change what you love about the atmosphere and experience and we hope to be able to provide the best service, food and drink to date.”

City Inns Limited have been contacted for comment.

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