The moment a hero driver rescued a 17-month-old toddler wandering out onto a busy road has been caught on camera.

Caught on CCTV, a young, unsupervised boy is seen walking into the path of traffic in Whippendell Road in Watford.

The driver, Mo Latif, quickly jumps out of his British Gas van and leaps to the rescue.

He snatches the oblivious child from the road before the boy's father runs over. The incident took place at 9.45pm.

Mr Latif, 38, was on his way home to Harrow after attending to emergency call-outs in the area.

Ealing Times:

Speaking to the Observer, he said: “When I saw the little boy on his own, I stopped my van - because it was late and I wondered why he was alone.

“I couldn’t believe it when he ran into the road. My instinct took over to save him from danger.

"The little boy’s dad was so thankful when he was reunited with his son. When I got back into my van it took a few minutes to compose myself after such a massive shock.

“As a father, it’s hard to think that within a split second the course of that little boy’s life, and his family, could have been changed forever. I’m glad that I was there when it mattered.”