LONDONERS are being asked to switch off their lights between 9 and 10pm tonight, June 21, in a show of solidarity for the planet.

The Capital radio Lights out London' campaign urges Londoners to switch off all lights and non-essential appliances for an hour tonight to prove that everyone can make a difference to global warming.

Hundreds of businesses have signed up to show their support, and for the first time in 68 years the advertising lights at Piccadilly Circus will be switched off.

London campaigns coordinator for Friends of the Earth, Jenny Bates, said: "Friends of the Earth supports Lights out London and hopes to see as many Londoners as possible involved.

"The majority of the capital's carbon dioxide emissions come from buildings, so switching off lights and appliances that aren't needed can play a significant role in tackling climate change."

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has also backed the campaign, along with transport for London, Wembley Arena, and Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Darren Johnson, from the London Assembly Green party, said: "Given the need to reduce energy and tackle climate change I am concerned by the number of major buildings that have their lights blazing throughout the night for no good practical reason.

"I welcome the fact that City Hall is joining the London Lights Out campaign.

"Many modern buildings, like City Hall, have been designed to have their lights on all night. It is really quite embarrassing that the lights are left on all night every night when the Mayor is trying to persuade us all to save energy. I am pleased that for one night, at least, Ken Livingstone has agreed to switch the lights off."