A NEW print titled Queen of Suburbs by artist Gail Brodholt is included in a current exhibition at For Arts Sake gallery at 45 Bond Street, Ealing.

Ealing earnt its label ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ back in Victorian times when it was celebrated as a semi-rural retreat for wealthy Londoners.

The descriptive label meant that Ealing had the best of all worlds. It was near London and easily reached by excellent railway links, but it was also close to the countryside.

The phrase is still used today and is the title that Gail Brodholt has given to her latest print set inside Ealing Common tube station, a 1930s building which features a tall heptagonal ticket hall with glazed screens to all sides.

Gail explained: “I've always been very drawn to the tube stations designed by Holden in the 1920s and 30s because of their geometric shape and strong line.

“I've already done a linocut of Balham and Tooting Broadway - very similar architecturally to Ealing Common. I also like the idea of people coming and going on their travels, so a Tube station ticket halls fit the bill.

“The linocut consists of four blocks starting with the darkest colour. I try to get a strong sense of light because Ealing Common is unusual in that there is external light coming through the back windows as it is overground.”

The print is exclusively for sale with For Arts Sake and can been seen as part of the current exhibition of Gail Brodholt’s work.

The current exhibition is titled London and Beyond and is a joint exhibition of work by Gail and Louise Davies. It is on view until July 5.

The exhibition is free to enter. There will also be a competition running on Facebook and the winner can choose between a print by Gail or Louise.