HOW do you thank Kirstie Allsopp and her team for your house makeover? One grateful mum from Hanwell decided to provide something special for Kirstie’s toilet.

Jasbinder Kaur, her three children and their Laurel Gardens home featured in the second series of Fill Your House For Free on Channel 4, Tuesdays, at 8pm.

Kirstie and team recycled and upcycled furniture, sourced for free, to renovate the family bathroom, girls’ bedroom and the front garden.

Jasbinder, a freelance trainer in the charity sector, was so thrilled she decided to ‘twin’ the toilet at Kirstie’s TV production company through a quirky sanitation campaign, called Toilet Twinning.

Now, one of Raise the Roof’s toilets in Glasgow boasts a certificate showing a photo of its twin, a latrine in Uganda.

Toilet Twinning, a partnership between charities Tearfund and Cord, raises funds to provide proper latrines in some of the poorest nations on earth, as well as clean water and hygiene education.

“Kirstie and her team did something wonderful for my bathroom and I wanted to do something special for theirs, to say thank you for their amazing work,” said Jasbinder.

“The toilet is one place where everyone will see it.

“My house really did need some help. They were very sensitive to the kind of thing we all liked, so everyone ended up with something they loved.”

Jasbinder first heard about Toilet Twinning through MyBnk, one of her charity clients, which had twinned its office toilet.

Though Jasbinder’s own work focuses on social inclusion for young people in the UK, she is keenly aware that poverty is the root of many issues she is working on.

“We tend to be a bit British about issues like sanitation, so Toilet Twinning’s a brilliant way to get people talking,” she aid. “Meeting people’s basic needs is so important.”

Toilet Twinning chief executive Lorraine Kingsley said: “We have mixed feelings about toilets here in the UK. We’re big on toilet humour but we’re a little bit embarrassed too.

“We should really value the fact we have a proper loo at home, when 2.5 billion people don’t have that luxury. It’s great to see both Kirstie’s team and Jasbinder celebrating toilets!’ The episode on August 12 showed the team renovating Jasbinder’s bathroom with a nautical theme, inspired by her son Niven’s interest in boats, and the shared bedroom of daughters Mia and Abbi.

“They also transformed the front garden with recycled storage and seating, plus some thoughtful planting.”