EALING’S own Joshua Castelino, 11, sets the world to rights in an imaginative new TV documentary Dinner at 11 for Channel 4.

The documentary focuses on eight 11-year-olds at a dinner party, discussing politics, religion and career goals, with the aim of exploring the way in which children view the world.

Josh beat hundreds of applicants who auditioned for the show, and he steals several scenes with his confidence and strong opinions, including his ideas to save the world from a possible supernova five billion years in the future.

Though the eight children had never met before the show, Joshua is keen to keep up the friendships.

He said: “Being at a dinner party with strangers, who come from different places and different backgrounds, was fascinating.

“I really enjoyed the experience and I met new friends I’m still in contact with.”

According to Joshua, the show’s success is down to the different opinions the group had on subjects such as God and what they would do if they were prime minister for the day.

He said: “My opinions didn’t change, as they are something I believe in, but it was quite fun to know my friends’ opinions. That’s why we made such a good team – kids with different views and opinions.”

Joshua’s mum, Vinita, signed up Josh for the show when she saw an advert on Facebook and thought he would be perfect.

She explained: “Josh is a very loving and friendly kid and I thought it would make a wonderful experience for him.”

The documentary airs on Monday at 10.50pm.